Elite Training Club x Naeya Thaper Announce Brand Partnership

Elite X Nae

The Midnight Collection partnership between Elite Training Club and Naeya Thaper has been revealed, aimed at empowering the next generation of Asian content creators and driving positive change in the world through fashion and technology. At Elite Training Club, creativity, growth, and social responsibility take center stage in their business philosophy. The CEO stated, “I am thrilled to partner with Naeya Thaper to launch and expand the Midnight Collection on a global level, working with a dynamic and proven public figure.”

Naeya and Elite Training Club share a common passion for creativity, equality, and creators, both rejecting the traditional stereotypes of influencers and content creators and their ideas about designer activewear. Instead, they will bring their shared vision of inclusiveness to life, which will dramatically change the opportunities and landscape for all. The collaboration will result in the creation of innovative new products, from performance to lifestyle collections. As a creator-focused designer activewear brand, Elite Training Club pushes the limits of creativity and challenges the status quo through their open-source approach. The company is excited to welcome Naeya to the family, furthering their commitment to shaping a better future through fashion and technology.

Creative direction by
Sunny Punni
Neaya Thaper
Photogrpahy by
Ali Azmi
Video by
Mohammed Mustaqeem